Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day!

A George Washington wig and an Abraham Lincoln hat and beard adorn fence posts around the Old Burying Ground in Harvard Square.

Washington, profile

Washington, portrait

Lincoln Hat and Beard

P.S. – Did you know that Alabama doesn’t celebrate Presidents Day in honor of Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays? They celebrate Washington and Jefferson.

    • Bobbie
    • February 21st, 2011

    They look great! Any idea where the pattern can be found?

    • Thanks Bobbie! The patterns were made up as I went along. I may post the Abe Lincoln hat and beard in the future.

    • Amy S.
    • February 21st, 2011

    You have totally inspired me to have a wig party where all the guests must wear crocheted and knitted wigs of some kind. I would love if you are ever able to write down and post the patterns.

    • AmbersHand
    • February 21st, 2011

    I love this so much I want to yarn bomb something for St Pats Day (unless there’s a holiday before then?)
    Your work is delightful! Just think of all the smiles you generate…
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  1. That would could be quite handy today to keep your noggin warm! Great post.

    • paolagayle
    • February 22nd, 2011

    Further Alabama holiday weirdness: When I lived there the state renamed/re-purposed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to be King/Lee Day. As in Robert E. Lee.

  2. I love this! In Canada, our lawyers in the higher courts wear similar wigs. Great yarn bomb idea!

    • Knittorious D
    • February 22nd, 2011


  1. February 21st, 2011

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