Bunny Ears

Rabbit ears and easter basket

Supplies Needed
White yarn
Pink yarn
Appropriate gauge needles
Tapestry needle

Ear Back (make 2)
Cast on 12.
Work in garter stitch 2 rows.
Row 3: begin working in stockinette stitch. (purl this row).
Row 4-9: stockinette
Row 10: k1, m1f, k10, m1b, k1
Row 11-13: stockinette
Row 14: k1, m1f, k12, m1b, k1
Row 15-17: stockinette
Row 18: k1, m1f, k14, m1b, k1
Row 19-35: stockinette
Row 36: ssk, k14, k2tog
Row 37-41: stockinette
Row 42: ssk, k12, k2tog
Row 43-47: stockinette
Row 48: ssk, k10, k2tog
Row 49-53: stockinette
Row 54: ssk, k8, k2tog
Row 55-59: stockinette
Row 60: ssk, k6, k2tog
Row 61-65: stockinette
Row 66: ssk, k4, k2tog
Row 67-71: stockinette
Row 72: ssk, k2, k2tog
Row 73: bind off

Ear Front (make 2):
Use the exact same pattern as for the ear back, but begin including pink yarn on Row 10. Keep 4 stitches of white yarn on each side of the pink section.
For example, Row 10 would be: k1(white), m1f (white), k2(white), k6(pink), k2(white), m1b(white), k1(white).

In garter stitch, knit a strip of desired length and width for the size headband needed. Sew the two ends together to create a circle.


Put wrong sides of one ear front and one ear back together and sew them along all but the bottom edge. Repeat for the second set of ear front and back.

To make the ears retain shape, or allow them to be poseable, line the inside edges of the ears with wire such as coat hanger or pipe cleaner.

Sew the ears onto the head band.

All patterns posted are original designs and property of tanglewashere.com. These are available for free, but only for personal use. You may NOT sell or reproduce any part of these patterns without tanglewashere.com consent.

Please feel free to link back to these patterns if posting your own projects completed using these patterns.

  1. These ears are awesome!!!
    And the photo is so great!

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